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Chartered Financial Analyst

Definition of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA): It is a certification of skills and abilities to work in the financial and corporate finance market, being one of the most complete and important that exists in the market. The financial analyst certification is issued by the CFA institute based in the main cities of the world, such as New York and London. It is an association of investment professionals that provides information, seminars and publications for the preparation and subsequent certification of financial analysts.

Description of the CFA program

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The Chartered Financial Analyst program consists of four modules and three levels. Regarding the modules, the professional must demonstrate their competences with regard to:

  • Professional ethics and current regulations associated with the financial market.
  • Management of statistical and accounting tools for carrying out quantitative, financial and macroeconomic analyzes.
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  • Valuation of fixed income, variable income and other financial products available in the market.
  • Management and management of portfolios and investment portfolios.

To evaluate the competences exposed in the four modules, the CFA program has three levels, so you must present a test for each level in the same order, once you approve the last level you can obtain Chartered Financial Analyst accreditation.

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    • Nivel I: en este nivel se evalúan elementos introductores en lo que respecta a la valoración de los activos de renta fija y variable, así como las técnicas de gestión. La prueba es de selección múltiple.
  • Nivel II: el programa a evaluar incluye las herramientas de análisis de tipo estadístico y financiero, además de profundizar en la valoración de activos.
  • Nivel III: el último nivel incluye todos los elementos del último módulo, asociado a la gestión de carteras, valoración de los distintos activos financieros que están disponibles en el mercado y profundización en el uso de herramientas cuantitativas para el análisis financiero.

¿Cómo obtener la certificación Chartered Financial Analyst?

To apply for certification you must have a university degree in economics or related careers, in addition to having verifiable work experience in the financial area. Comply with the program stipulated by the CFA institute and pass the three exams (three levels).